NGEF (HUBLI) Ltd., is Government of Karnataka state owned enterprise 100% subsidiary of NGEF Ltd., and is located between twin cities of Hubli and Dharwad, Karnataka State. A Reputed manufacturer of IE2 & IE3 Electrical Motor & Transformers with world class quality of touch proven German Technology.

NGEF (HUBLI) LTD., has been making significant contribution since 3 decades for the industrial and economic development of the country by supplying Electric Motors & Transformers of high quality and reliability as per national and international standards. Our Motors & Transformers are in various industrial application operating across the country and abroad.

Manufacturing Range :

Frame Size : AMW63-180       : AMW-R 132

Output        : 0.18 kw to 22 kw  : 3.6 kw to 5.3 in 4 pole, 2.8 kw to 3.9 kw in 6 pole, 1.7 kw to 2.5 kw in 8 pole.

The company is managed by the board of directors who are nominated by the government of Karnataka consisting of the following.