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Products – NGEF (HUBLI) LTD.

Our Product Range

G1 Range:
Company manufactures squirrel cage motors in G1 Frame size from 63 to 132, covering 0.25 HP to 12.5 HP and enjoys a market share of nearly 8%.G2 Range :
Standard Motor :
Among the 160, 180 and 200 frame size in G2 range the company has successfully added 160 frame size covering up to 25 HP in the year 2004-05 & 180 frame size covering up to 30HP in the year 2008-09 to its production range.
Squirrel Cage Motor :
All LT induction motors are used as prime movers for various of application such as machine tools, cement industry, steel plants, paper industry, textiles, power generation, irrigation, rice mills, chemical industry, automobile industry etc.,
Energy Efficient Motor :
These motors have higher efficiency compared to standard motors. Saving of energy not only conserves energy but also minimal running cost to the ultimate user with durability for longevity, resulting in shortest pay back period on investment.
Slip Ring Motor :
These are special motors having wound rotors used for application where initial high starting torque is required. Application is for cranes & hoists.
Textile Motor / Loom, Carding Engine Motors :
These are used for ring spinning frames to extract cotton, polyesters, yarns of different count , looming and carding machines.
Increased Safety Motor / Type N-Motors :
Used in hazardous area, in which inflamable gases are present. Care is taken in the design to prevent ignition of inflamable gases present in surrounding area. Application in mines, petrochemical industries, fertilizers industries, natural gas processing plants etc,.
Vibratory Motor :
These motors are used in application for vibrating screens to separate out different mixes.